Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Real Announcement

Well, as most of you figured out, the previous entry was an April Fools joke. It looks like I dug a hole for myself, seeing as some people actually want to see it done. Unfortunately, I only have the one joke with the screencap, there. ^_^;; If anyone DOES want to make such a game, do feel free. I have no more ideas for it. D:

As thanks to everyone for putting up with my terrible sense of humor, here's an actual announcement: We're working on Swan's Melody. No, the demo isn't ready to go. Unfortunately, Deji has fallen ill (everyone wish her a get well soon), so the demo will have to wait a bit (but just a bit!) for the release. Now seems like a good time to talk about, though.

This project started as a one-off comment while Deji and I were chatting. It was meant to be a passing thought, but both of us kept thinking about it, and we finally agreed that we might as well just get it done. We didn't want to add another project to our pile, but NaNoRenO seemed like the perfect time to get out a working demo so we could at least get some feedback on it. The game will generally be a cute story about cute girls doing cute things. As some people have already guessed, there will be a twist (when is there ever NOT a twist?), but in general we plan to keep it a very lighthearted piece.

As for why we're releasing a demo first, it's because this will, in fact, be a hybrid game. No, it's not a first person shooter. XD

(Also, it will be free.)


Anonymous said...

this game looks so kawaii =3
hope Deji gets well soon!

Airetta said...

all girls huh?

will it be some yuri? o_O