Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sakura Con 2012 Report

Aaand, we're back from Sakura Con! First time selling there, so I was pretty nervous. D: Turns out, Sakura Con peeps are really nice. : D We shared a table with Sayuri Studios and spread VN-related happiness. We also had physical copies of Winter in Fairbrook, so if you want one for yourself, be sure to request that your local convention invite us. ^_-

Ran our usual "making visual novels" panel on Friday, but we didn't get a projector, so it became a "making novels and you'll have to imagine the visuals" panel. Awkward.

A big thanks to everyone who stopped by the table or came to our panel. We had a great time, and it was fun meeting so many people I've only spoken with online before. Our next convention is A-KON in June. Hoping to get Yousei done by then, so please cheer for us.


Unknown said...

OMAGAAAAAD, YOU GUYS WERE THE ONES RUNNING THE FRIDAY VN PANEL? D: I can't believe I decided to miss it now. ;_;

Was awesome to see the peps behind one of my favorite visual novels at Sakuracon, keep doing what you guys are doing. :3

Anonymous said...

You were there?! Oh man! If I had known I would of gone to buy a game : (i

Em said...

And how's Swan's Melody going, huh? :)

Ominous said...

Haha, I'm happy for you guys. You guys get to have enough fun for yourself while still having enough time to make us happy too.

You guys have it chill. :P

iseetheisland said...

Awww... i wish i was there!
You should feel quite flattered, i was ready to fly from California to Sakura-con for the sole purpose of meeting you! (and buying a Jisei shirt) ;)
But then i had to choose between family (my sisters graduation) and my VN obsession (since part time jobs aren't exactly prime for tons of traveling money) and i chose my sister. But if you don't come to California, i'll be forced to fly all the way to Texas for a con. Please don't make me do that. *smiles politely*

And i really need that Jisei shirt! i'm dying to cosplay him.. i'm even going to dye my hair like his for it. :D