Friday, May 18, 2012


You guys have been asking, and Aural Wave has graciously provided us with the full version of Kansei's opening song, Escape. Download and lyrics below.

Quickly, getting nowhere in this harsh reality
Solving, only to find dead ends
Running, running and then falling down to your knees
Trapped, wanting to escape the truth

Running from the past, won't erase mistakes
Trapped in the confines of our minds
Even in the name of good
Our neuroses clashing with our eyes

The world, so full of fear, regret, the hurt and hate is felt
Whatever hope you have is bleak
Helpless why fight to make things right
Hopeless, try, why try again


No matter where we go, the past catches up and becomes present
The world so full of fear, regret, hurt and hate
The shimmer's gone and I want to escape

Cold, dark bitter and bleak
Hopeless the will is killed
Helpless why even fight
Feeling trapped

Running from the past, doesn't take you very far
Escaping needs far more skill
When everything is against you
Hold out, keep true, and strengthen your will

The world, so full of lies, deception, tormented in grief
Whatever hope you have is numb
Helpless why fight to make things right
Hopeless, trying to escape


Anonymous said...

I like it! I remember liking the short version of "Calling to the One", but thinking that the long version of it wasn't that good. I liked the short version of "Escape", and I think the long version is good, too!

iseetheisland said...

I was so excited when i saw this that i went out of my way for a Wifi hotspot just so that i could get Escape that day!
And i must say, i really like it. I also enjoyed the short version, but this one isn't so rushed and it really gives the full effect.
I have to disagree with the above poster, though.
Although i do like the short version of Calling to the One (mostly the way it cuts from "relive my dying moments" to "or song glides the wind") i thought that the long verson was still better. In my opinion, the second verse is better than the first.
But really, i just love both of those songs and the talent of Aural Wave.
Will Yousei also have a beginning theme by them? :)

Rima Kuroi-san said...

I did a review of the game Re: Alistair, I would like you to read. I really like it, just forgive me for bad English, and also is my first review for a game. Sakevisual FIGHTING!