Saturday, June 9, 2012

A-KON 2012 Report

Wow! Almost a week late, but hey, it's a con report! We are back from A-KON, and we had a great time! Handed out some Kansei stickers and buttons, and we even sold out of Winter in Fairbrook (our first time selling out of anything). Sadly, I received a shipment of Oneiro stickers the Monday after the con. You know, just in time to have a huge pile of stickers that I can't give away. : ( That means free Oneiro stickers at our next con, though (schedule on our website)! So keep an eye out for that, at least. D:

And speaking of stuff available at other conventions, check out this little in progress gem (you've already seen it if you follow us on facebook).


Anonymous said...

Alistair figure?
I was hoping for Kuu or one of the Jisei/Kansei characters. Or one of the real-world characters of RE:Alistair. Oh, well.

Ayu Sakata said...

The figure(s) we're making are based on the character popularity polls. We've actually got a Li Mei one in the works, too.

Anonymous said...

Squeee! Although I don't really like Alistair, this figure looks so cute! ^^
I'd totally buy it right now if I could.

ManiacMaestro said...

It was awesome getting to talk to you guys at A-KON, and I'm glad you made some good sales. =)

Odd question, is it alright if we ever decide to do Let's Plays of your games? Are there any restrictions or guidelines you'd like to enforce if myself and a few friends wanted to make one?

Anonymous said...

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post it, but I'm horribly compulsive about language. I've played the Jisei demo - it's great! Not only because it's my kind of story, supernatural murder mystery, but it actually seems like a logical, well-told tale. Plus, I love the acting and the graphics. There's one thing that makes me cringe, though. Mikolaj Gurski. "Mikolaj" is not a French name (the French equivalent would be Nicolas) - it's Polish, and it should end with a /j/ sound (see:, not /ʒ/.
Also, his surname (a popular Polish surname, actually) is spelled "Górski" - but since the "ó" and "u" sound exactly the same, and English doesn't have the former, I can imagine a person of Polish descent being frustrated with explaining this and changing their surname, so it might not be much of a mistake.
Keep up the good work!