Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Recruiting Beta Testers for Yousei

You know we're almost ready to release a game when I stop posting in the blog. It means I'm busy with other things. XD

In case the post title doesn't make it evident, I'm currently searching for people to beta test Yousei. I'm especially interested in people with Mac or Linux setups, but anyone who can find typos or look for ways to break a game is welcome. Knowing the first two games is probably helpful, but definitely not required. Please visit the sakevisual forums here for details. Beta testers for the full game will be selected from those who respond.


Anonymous said...

Will the full game beta include voices?

Cody Stevens said...

I have a windows, but happy to help look for typos, or anything you need.

Alyn said...

My Laptop is windows... But I can borrow my Dad's MacBook if you want.

Alyn said...

Hi! I downloaded your BETA for Yousei game... Well, it's pretty slow. And every time the scene changes or the character moves the scene blacks out and returns. It gets annoying after a while. And the Opening Vid doesn't work on my Laptop. (It's Windows) Annoyingly enough, whenever I try to open it, my Laptop hangs and I have to restart it.

That's all. Oh yeah! Please make the full now! I really want to know what happens next!

If you need more help, please e-mail me: or AlynDMiracle in Skype

Peace out!