Saturday, September 29, 2012

Yousei Auditions

Please Note:
Everyone who auditions will be expected to have a Skype account and be available for live direction and recording over Skype. That is, you must be able to record on your own mic while Skype is running and I am listening and giving you direction. All payment will be handled via PayPal.

Kangai and his friends are given a new assignment: pose as prospective college students and find some old research from a project long hidden away at a local university. There's a little bit of a dent in the assignment when one of the university's oldest professors shows up dead, and all clues point to murder. All of the characters listed below are college grad students, so think early 20's. This game is the sequel to Jisei and Kansei. Knowledge of the prior games is useful, but certainly not required. Extras and bit parts will be cast from auditions received.

Returning Cast:
Naoki Mizutani - Micah Solusod
Aki Mizutani - Apphia Yu
Li Mei - Cherami  Leigh
Mikolaj Gurski - Christopher Niosi
Chance Jackson - Kira  Buckland
Marissa Klein - Melissa Johnson

1.) Record lines in .WAV or .MP3  format. 44100Hz 16-bit preferred.
2.) Name files as yourname_charactername_line#.wav
3.) Please use your real name or an approximation of such. No nicknames, web names, or handles.
4.) Please read this checklist and make sure your sound files don't exhibit any of these problems. I will assume that the quality of the audition I receive will be the same as the quality I will receive if I cast you.
5.) The deadline to submit auditions is Saturday, October 13th, 2012. That is the last day I will be accepting auditions.
6.) Email a .ZIP (or .RAR) containing all your audition files to (not my sakevisual address). Please name it Feel free to include a demo reel, resume, or website link, but it's not a requirement.

Aaron Vanich
A shutter-bug with an outgoing personality who makes friends easily. He was raised in Thailand, but he's been speaking English for a while, so any accent he has should be slight. Aaron was the first person to find the body, and it was something of a traumatic experience for him.

01: Introducing himself and his room. (Coo' = Cool)
"Coo', coo'. Aaron. Welcome to the Super Duper Fortress of Fortressness. Those are for you. You can unpack before we go to the lab."

02: Teasing a student after he expresses discomfort at being photographed.
"Well, I like it. You'll get used to it eventually. Everyone does."
03: Panicked. Speaking on the phone with emergency services after he finds the body.
"No...I don't...I don't know! No no no, you don't get it! It's Dr. Johansen!"

04: Frustrated and confused the day after the body is found. Trying to be okay, but failing. Kizaki and the main character show more control because they've solved murders before, and he doesn't understand why they're more calm about all these events.
"This is so stupid! Stupid! Super stupid! That was not a thing I wanted to see ever. How are you okay with this? You saw it. The blood. And other parts. I don't even want to be awake, but Kizaki just got up and left an hour ago."

David Sawicki
A Steel City boy with a fondness for soccer and slacking off. The other students generally consider him to be less reliable, but he's the favored TA among all the undergrads. Probably because he's the fun one. He jokes around with Nathan a lot. Pittsburgh slang occasionally shows up in his speech, but he doesn't have a very distinct accent.

01: Debating/joking with Nathan over whether guns or swords are better during a zombie apocalypse.
"Guns have a longer range, and they're deadlier. Plus you have to get within biting distance to even use a sword! Hello infection!"

02: Sharing a piece of juicy gossip with the main character.
"Well, you didn't hear it from us, but Auten and his partner, Shen Guan were part of some super hush hush project. The government was funding the whole thing, but something bad happened. And by "something bad" we mean someone died."

03: Repeating the "official" story of how the victim died.
"That's a terrible way to go, accidentally falling off the tower like that. Not like it makes any sense for him to be up there in the first place, but whatever."
04: Angry after being accused of being the murderer.
"Are you jaggin'? Who kills a guy over something like that? That's just stupid."

Nathan Holm
A young genius from the Pacific Northwest who spends his free time watching sci-fi and practicing with his light sword. He and David are considered the "class clowns," but he tends to be more meticulous about his work.

01: Holding the main character "prisoner" after they mistake him for a criminal.
"Don't talk. We're not going to consort with the likes of you."

02: Debating/joking with David over whether guns or swords are better during a zombie apocalypse.

"But swords don't run out of ammo, and they're quieter. And what are the odds you're going to hit the head a moving target with a gun, anyway?"

03: Bragging about solving a difficult problem when no one was looking.
"Don't blame me. It's not my fault! Nah, I'm being too modest. It really is my fault."

04: In response to being accused of having a disagreement with another student.
"Well, yeah, but we patched it over. That's what people do, you know.  They work things out."

Shawn Tasse
The student liaison at the University of Edgewater. Smart, friendly, and always upbeat: Shawn is basically the perfect guy. It also helps that his wealthy family regularly donates to charity. He works hard to maintain his perfect image, and it's rare to see him at a loss for words.

01: Welcoming prospective students to an overnight campus experience. Enthusiastic.
"These'll get you into the dorm building where you're staying. There are also three meals encoded onto the magnetic strip. Just swipe 'em at the cafeteria for a meal!"

02: Talking about the murder, but still trying to "sell" the school to the prospective students.
"It really is a tragedy, isn't it? You know, if you want to talk to a grief counselor..."

03: Apologizing to the main character after he was arrested for something he didn't do.
"Yikes, dude. If I had been there, I would have cleared everything up as quickly as I could. I just hope this doesn't reflect badly on the school."

04: Panicked and a little flustered. Doesn't like the idea of the main character going off to find the killer alone, but not interested in joining him.

"Well, if he's really the murderer, don't you think it's kind of a bad idea for you to confront him? Why take the risk? Maybe you should go get that cop to help you out."

Jupiter Celedon
A grad student from Latin America with a no-nonsense attitude. She's the head student in the lab while the professor's away, and she takes her duties very seriously. While she has no problem taking time to relax or have fun, it frustrates her that the other students don't always share her work ethic.

01: Interrogating the main character after she finds him wandering around a locked facility.
"The campus may be a public university, but this lab is off limits to anyone without clearance. I'd like to know how you came to be wandering around alone in our hallway."

02: Sarcastic, somewhat bitter response to "So you don't get along?"
"What makes you think we don't get along? She behaves like a child when things don't go her way, and she's manipulative. Dios mio, she can be so frustrating."

03: Chasing after a rabbit that escaped from its cage.
"Don't let it get away!"

04: Lecture mode on Dr. Johansen's theories.

"Dr. Johansen's hypothesis is this: That such people did exist, but their bloodlines eventually thinned out. But if we could find a sample of the genetic makeup of those extrahumans, we could recreate such abilities today."


Aijoran said...

Baaaaw too bad only one girl, and I don't think I can fake a good Latina accent. D:
And all the male characters are too mature for me to attempt.

Pink-Lover said...

I think I'll try to do Jupiter! It sounds like fun!

Ayu Sakata said...

@Aijoran: Feel free to audition with your standard accent if you wish. There are some bit parts that I will be casting as well.

namie said...

This is so exciting~ But I'm wondering about equipment? What kind of microphone are we expected to record with?

Stepen said...

I wish I knew of this ahah, but I'm actually pretty good at doing accents. I've moved around a lot so so I'd like to try for yousei c:
Though my equipment is a basic built in microphone in my mac... I have an external one but well,it's part of a phone ear piece.

Ayu Sakata said...

There's no specific microphone requirement other than one that sounds good. USB mics are highly recommended for something affordable that still gives good sound. Music stores usually carry good quality mics for recording.

Bridget said...

Awesome!! I passed this along to two guys I know who are very much into doing voicework. They both already have an online presence on Youtube and other places. It would be radical to see (or rather: hear) them in this awesome project.

Anonymous said...

Too bad I'm not old enough to play any of these characters. Maybe one day I'll be able to be in something like this.

Bridget said...

I remembered a THIRD friend of mine that's into voice acting, so I sent this page along to him, too. :D

Carito728 said...

I'm Latina, so it will be easy to make Jupiter ;D

I will just get a new microphone and maybe I will manage to participate

DragonSilhouette said...

Pity really I don't think i can pull off a latin american accent...

Anonymous said...

Is the accent for Jupiter required?

Anonymous said...

I sent an audition. Can you let me know if you get it. (Lee Turner)

Katruffles said...

It's a shame that I'm too young to voice any characters :( Also, I'm scottish so the accent doesn't help much. I guess I'll never get to do something like that.