Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Finishing things and Crossovers

Don't get too excited about the screencap. It's a mockup using an old Kansei sprite. BUT. If you've been following facebook or twitter, you'll know that we've been half joking/half serious about a Jisei/Fairbrook crossover. Talking about it has certainly garnered an enthusiastic response, so I've been drumming up ideas. Will we actually go through with it? I don't know. There's stuff to be done, like Yousei, Every Sunrise, Oneiro, and Swan Song. On top of that, Winter Wolves definitely has a full docket, too. And of course, there are the merging difficulties. Will it be a murder mystery? Probably not. No one in Fairbrook would kill someone. Will it be a dating sim? Probably not. The relationships in the Jisei series already have their own directions. Who would you play as? Kangai? Natalie? Steve? Susana? Some new character? It's going to take a while to solidify a good idea for a crossover game, but be assured that we are definitely thinking about it. Just don't expect it to be something that pops up terribly soon.

I definitely won't be working on it until Yousei has made it's gloriously late debut. There's a balance somewhere between making a game longer and getting it out faster. Most mobile apps swing in the "get it out soon!" direction, which leads to a lot of lifeless apps. AAA games try not to sacrifice either, but often sacrifice the workers instead. So where does that leave us? Players want a game long enough that it's worth the money they spent. They also don't want to wait forever to read the next chapter. Kansei was longer than Jisei, but it took longer to get out. Yousei is longer than Kansei. Actually, it's got more words than Flower Shop/Winter in Fairbrook. But as you may have noticed, it's taking even longer to release. I think at our current price point, the length of Yousei will be indicative of the length of further games in the series. As for when it's coming out, we really are at the tail end of it. Pre-orders with beta testing should be up super super soon, and I've already had a couple people come in to record voices for the final version. The cast is NOT complete as of yet, but I will announce it as soon as all the lines have been recorded. I've been keeping some of my choices under wraps just in case last minute changes have to be made.


Sarah Galbraith said...

"Will it be a murder mystery? Probably not. No one in Fairbrook would kill someone. Will it be a dating sim? Probably not. The relationships in the Jisei series already have their own directions. Who would you play as? Kangai? Natalie? Steve? Susana? Some new character?"

I think it would be cool if you could pick between Kangai and Natalie - get both the gender and series perspectives from both sides, and they have two vastly different personalities too. So it would be interesting to be POV like that, and there would probably be Kangai-only scenes and Natalie-only scenes while they talk to their series cast.

As for what it would be... Probably not murder or romance like you said - but a mystery. Maybe the Jisei cast is trying to track down someone, or there's a missing person/suspect reported in Fairbrook, etc. Or maybe they're trying to obtain information from the residents in Fairbrook (i.e., trying to find stolen data, etc) and they end up staying in Fairbrook for a week.

That way it doesn't get TOO serious, but it's light-hearted enough for the Fairbrook cast with a mystery edge. Especially if the Jisei keeps the MURDER STUFF out of it for the Fairbrook's cast sake (probably be darker on the Jisei half, lighter on the Fairbrook side since they would be more oblivious to what Jisei cast is up to.)

When the cast meets, they can mix/mingle, look for clues/information. It's a large cast, so keeping some stuff Kangai-route only (i.e. Kangai sees all of the fun Gurski/Steve hijinks and his sarcastic wit would make it more hilarious), and Natalie-route only would help (i.e. Jacob and Naoki being BBFs and Natalie commenting on that). And then at the end of X day, they can bring up what they found, and start piercing things together/interrogating.

Also depends how canon you want it... It could take place just after the blizzard in Winter in Fairbrook, so Natalie hasn't formed any romantic relationships yet, and keep Steve single. And that blizzard/aftermath was the reason it stopped the Jisei's cast in their tracks.

Anyway, those are just ideas going everywhere. ^_^ I know the crossover won't be for a LONG time, but it's good to have some ideas to ponder on while you focus on other projects. =)

- kittykatstar

Lost-Guitarist said...

I think it would be fun to do one of those "everyday mysteries" where it's not so dramatic and "permanent" as a murder, but maybe even a mystery where no one was at fault at all, you just have to find out what happened.

Also, to be perfectly honest, lots of people make visual novels. Sakevisual is not the only company where VN fans can get their games. Whats great about Sakevisual and it's teams is the amazing amount of thought, time and quality that goes into every piece. So, while I'll always be hoping that your next game comes out just a little (or a lot) faster, I think there are already plenty of companies and independent artists/writers/programmers that turn out games at very reasonable speed and still enjoyable quality. I don't think Sakevisual needs to try and produce games as quickly because the quality of your games reflects the time you spend in it.

Sure, I hope you guys finish the Jisei series before I'm 50 and some free games would be nice too, but every release you guys have promises to be special because it's rare and it promises to be the best you guys can do.

So just keep doing your best, and I for one promise to wait for your games as long as it takes.