Monday, February 4, 2013

Meet the Boys: John Brandon

Seeing as these were all posted based on fan vote, it’s kind of a cool coincidence that the characters are being introduced in order of time in the industry. Benito’s trying to break in, Adam just started, Matt’s established, and now we have…

Name: John Brandon
Stage Name: N/A
Age: 35
Occupation: Actor

A British actor known around the world for his role as the lead character in the long-running TV Drama, Knight Errant. John’s poised, polished, and mature, but he’s grown a bit tired of a one-note career. Despite having several other credits to his name, people rarely see him for more than his most famous role. He’s decided to take a break and move to the United States for a while to work on other aspects of the industry. He’s currently Adam Eaton’s music producer, and he’s working with a co-producer to pitch a new TV series. While he has a gentleman’s aura to him, he’s quick to cut out anyone who he thinks isn’t taking things seriously.


Unknown said...


I was totally positive hands down that magician would be my favorite. Hands downs Benito is quirky and cute, and not quite your average characters.

Matthew and Adam are also great lookers and interesting characters. Definitely close seconds.

But John... oh John.

He's exactly what he should be. I can't place it, but you made him, just by looking at him, and reading his blurb, into someone you'd expect to be a well known actor.

He's 35, not some hot and young twenty something guy. He looks mature and professional, something otome often lack in most characters or all characters in general.

He's just... perfect.

Gonna go huddle up in my corner and not move till I can date him okay thanks bye.

Annie said...

It's interesting to see that the ages of the dateable characters ranges from 15 to 35. How old exactly is Sian?

Ayu Sakata said...

Sian is 18, same age as Adam and Matthew. I based John on several well-known actors, most of whom are over 40.

Rynmi said...

Oh no. Oh noooooooo.

Ayu and all of sakevisual. I tend to stray or simply admire from afar on beautiful games I can't afford but I think you caught me and I just might have to buy this game when it's completed. Everything sounds amazing and the effort you put in the details, the music, and the characters is incredible. But then you drop John.

Oh dear. John is nearly exactly like one of my favorite actors I adore in real life (excluding the producer bit). Have you heard of Benedict Cumberbatch? Sigh. I simply can't wait to find out about his voice. John and all the rest of the characters are definitely on my watchlist!

Anyway, I'm pretty sure you've hooked me on the bandwagon! You have my support and I'm sure you have plenty more coming, if not, already.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

You do not realize how happy I am to see a 35-year-old in a game. <3 The more mature the men the better. However, knowing my gaming play, when the game comes out, I will be waiting until the end to play him. <3