Saturday, May 18, 2013

Backstage Pass - Updates and Answers

If you've been following twitter, facebook, or tumblr, some of this will look familiar to you. We've been posting little snippets and teasers over the past month, but now it's time for a nice, proper, update with answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We've been getting a lot of questions along the lines of "How far along are you?" and "When do you think BP will be out?" Short answer: No idea. The longer (potentially useful, but hey maybe not) answer is that we're aiming to get it done this year, but you never know what could happen. In total, we've completed probably 15% of all our assets. As in, add up the writing, art, music, voices, etc. and that's the meter. However, that doesn't account for putting it all together in a coherent fashion, or handling that mythical beta testing stage.

Regarding beta testing, we'll be doing the same thing we did with Yousei, as that turned out to be very successful. When the demo is complete, we'll have an open beta for anyone to play around with. We'll then open up pre-orders for early access to the whole game.

Recording has begun for most of the main cast, but we'll be holding open auditions a few months down the road for supporting cast and extras. Remember, if you want to audition, add yourself to the mailing list here. We are not accepting pre-submissions, and all open roles will be handled at once.

Aaand, some quick (but important) updates:

- We've got a fantastic opening song in the works by Junko Fujiyama. Junko's a Japanese singer/songwriter, but she now lives and performs in the United States. We're very happy to have her on board with us.

- The final price for Backstage Pass is $30. It's more than our other games, but we're pricing this based on the size of the final product and the cost of other similar games. Pre-orders will be available at a discount.

- We'll also be releasing a special edition that includes a copy of the OST and Adam Eaton's first EP. Details to come later.


Sacchan said...

So expensive~! "orz
But I guess I can start save money now...

Camille said...

I really can't wait for this! And to quote: "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!"

Alice Avery said...

I can't wait. I love all the different kinds of endings you have planned. It gives a person like me hope for a happy ending. I so excited. Take your time to make it as awesome as you can. More time= more awesome. Thanks again for all you do!

Lex said...

It looks amazing! I can't wait to see more!

Aliana said...

I am looking forward to this! I have played Re: Alistair++ and I loved it. So excited that you're making another game. :)

Anonymous said...

Super excited for this one to come out! It's really cool that there are more endings than just the typical " failed" or "happy" relationship. Also, looks a little like Ichigo and Yoruichi in the bg of Bonito's CG!