Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A-KON 2013 - New Digs!

Another year, another A-KON! This year, A-KON moved into a lovely new hotel with larger accommodations and a stunning amount of expensive (and potentially delicate) artwork. Thankfully, we didn't break anything, unless you count BREAKING IT DOWN for an impromptu dance party (Henoheno knows where it's at.) We shared a table with our friends at Sayuri Studios and some pretty sweet pachinko machines. In general, our table was a little out of the way, but persistent fans managed to find us anyway, which just proves how much you guys rock.

Bullet Points:
-Saw several cosplayers from various otome games like Hakuouki and Amnesia. It's really nice to see how popular otome games are getting.
-We got featured on the FUNimation live stream. Went on and talked about our games for a bit. :D
-I don't have to explain to people what visual novels are anymore. Three years ago, no one knew what they were. Now, nearly everyone has heard of them, or has a friend who likes them, or has tried one out on a whim.
-There was a food truck outside and I wanted a vegetarian taco, but they drove away. : (

Our next con will be MatsuriCon in Ohio. Be sure to check the official sakevisual site for an up-to-date list of where we'll be next.


Lexington Alexander said...

Oh, my god! Why am I not there right now!

And I'm dying since I missed the live show. Is that saved anywhere?

Amado said...

This is cool!