Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Backstage Pass 0.4a Beta Up

The Backstage Pass beta has been given a content update, so if you're currently testing the beta with us, please re-download the file from your confirmation email.

Important: Due to the extra content, old saves are not compatible with the new version. To delete a save file, hover your mouse over the save thumbnail (in the game) and press the 'delete' key on your keyboard.

This update includes:
-Opening video animation
-Bug fixes
-Typo fixes
-Additional scenes for each of the main four guys and the alone path
-Updated GUI
-Updated extras: Endings list and media gallery (music room/video player)

Bugs we're still chasing:
-Quickmenu still works during the scheduler portion
-CG gallery crashes on certain CGs
-Keyboard functions don't work on certain screens (like wardrobe)

Any bug reports (including typos) should be posted on our official forum here.

Many thanks to all of you guys for your hard work so far. We're really excited about how great everything is looking already!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I want to ask, is the pre-order price more expensive than the regular price? I want my mom to buy me the game but she told me pre-order price is expensive. :(

Ayu Sakata said...

The pre-order price is the final price. If it's too much for now, keep an eye on our twitter, tumblr, and facebook. We sometimes post sales, discount codes, or giveaway contests.