Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Backstage Pass in Beta!

We're happy to announce that the Backstage Pass beta is now available for everyone who pre-ordered!

What to expect from the beta:
- Arcs for the main four guys
- CG Gallery
- Clothing shop with 80+ articles of clothing to dress up in
- Item shops for items to raise stats or give as gifts
- Call guys and take them on dates
- Cupcake baking minigame in Spring

What to look forward to in the final version:
- Hidden paths
- Multiple alone endings based on professional achievements
- Full voices
- Opening and Ending Videos
- Music room, scene replay, and other bonus content
- ??? WHO KNOWS?

How to get it:
Use the download link you received in your confirmation email (for your pre-order). If the link has expired, just email me at from the address you used to purchase the game, and I'll send you an updated one.

How to report bugs:
If you get a bug that crashes the game, click the button "Open Traceback" to get a text file. Email the file to or post it in the correct thread here:

How to get bug fixes:
If a bug is fixed, you can either re-download the entire game from your email or download the fixed code from this thread:

How to get help playing:
If you're stuck in the game, looking for hints on how to get a guy, unlock locations, or find more recipes, post in the appropriate thread here and exchange your own findings with other players.


Anonymous said...

Could you, please post an instruction for installing the game? I'm stuck.

rufiangel said...

Ahck! I'm so excited!! I'm downloading what I think is the correct file right now given it's more than 200mb over the last file I downloaded (you know, the pre-order bundle with the mp3 and pretty wallpapers). :D

I only stumbled on this by accident btw; for some reason, I assumed that by pre-ordering I'd be included in a mailing list or something... I guess not? >_<;;; What's the best way to get updates for this lovely game?

Ayu Sakata said...

There will be a mailing list update when the final version is ready. We'll post whenever the beta gets an update on our social media accounts (,, and this blog.