Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So, about those free games...

Lately I've been spending a lot of time talking about Kansei and Winter in Fairbrook, since both of those are very near to completion. However, I'd like to dedicate this Wednesday to talking about some of the free games we're working on. Yes. We're still working on free games.

So, what's the deal with those? Well, they're all moving along and their own paces.

hanamix2: Mugen is back on board with the background images, so that's cool stuff. The sprites for two of the three main characters are complete, and the writing is about halfway done. We've also recorded some character dialogue already. Hopefully we can get the whole thing voiced. @_@

Oneiro: We have a new background artist, so that'll help speed things up. Two of the five sprites are done, but their alternate outfits haven't been completed yet. Writing is about 85% complete. The original soundtrack is done, and it sounds beautiful. I'll probably post some samples later in the summer.

Plat du Jour: Anyone remember this? XD Yes, there are still plans to finish it, but we're still sort of on a detour. Ripples was meant as a prologue, but we've decided to write a second "in between" story that fits between Ripples and PdJ before we go forward with PdJ. Plans for that story are being drawn up as we speak, but the team is currently rather busy finishing Kansei, so it'll be a few months before we start work on it.

Overall, I hope that we'll be able to finish at least one more free game of substantial length this year. I really do love releasing games for free, but it's hard to keep up, since everyone involved has other obligations.


Annalyn said...

I look forward to all of these! I'm excited for any free game of yours, however long it takes. I'd be excited for your other games, too, if I had the spending money. :-)

Annie said...

Thank you for not giving up, even though it's tough!

Celestine said...

Do we get a hint what it's about?